Impact Aid, 1950

The Lanham Act (P.L. 849; 54 Stat. 1125) became law on October 14, 1940. The Lanham Act was amended (P.L. 137; 55 Stat. 361) on June 28, 1941, and the words “schools” was added to the definition of the term “public work.”

These wartime measures were replaced by two laws known as Impact Aid, P.L. 81-815; 64 Stat. 967 (September 23, 1950), and P.L. 81-874; 64 Stat. 1100 (September 30, 1950). These laws fortified the federal policy of providing federal aid to schooling in areas affected by federal governmental activities (e.g., defense installations).

Below are copies of the Lanham Act, the revised Lanham Act (1941), and the two Impact Aid acts (1950).

Lanham Act (1940)

Lanham Act (1941)

Impact Aid


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