National Education Goals Panel, National Education Goals Report: Building a Nation of Learners 1994

Until now, this report was unavailable online. ERIC does not have it; nor does the NEGP archive.

So here it is—the only digitized copy online so far as I can discern.

As noted elsewhere on this blog, the National Education Goals Panel was a major payer in federal education policy in the 1990s. It moved the policy conversation to center on accountability, standards, and testing. Read here to to learn where to get free copies of the other NEGP reports.


Politics of Education Association

The Politics of Education Association (PEA) is a group of mostly academics who study education policy in the United States.  Unlike this website, PEA’s does not focus solely on the federal government’s role in schooling.  PEA’s scholars study education policy and politics at the state and local levels too.

PEA’s membership includes many renown experts, and it publishes newsletter, a year book, and a biannual issue of the Peabody Education Journal.

You can learn more about PEA at